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home plate

We’ve received an update from Home Plate 17 regarding this year’s event. We are extremely pleased with the turn out of this event, we sold a total of 55 tickets. More info will be mailed directly to those who bought tickets in the coming weeks. Regarding Picture Day and door giveaways, Home Plate writes:

TIGER TEAM CALENDAR:  The Detroit Tigers are offering a free gift of a Tiger Team Calendar to the first 7,000 people who enter the HOME PLATE 2017 event.  While our attendance for HOME PLATE in recent years has been at or slightly above 9,000 people, this year’s ticket sales have been slower and our actual attendance may be in the 7,000 – 7,500 people range.  So, it is possible that there may be a calendar for everyone attending HOME PLATE 2017 However, may I ask you to encourage your group participants to only take as many calendars as needed.  For example, if a family of 4 (Dad, Mom, 2 Children) can get by with only taking 3 calendars, that will help ensure that there are calendars for all entering for the HOME PLATE program.  Thank you.
ALUMNI DAY WITH AL KALINE:  Following the conclusion of our program (approximately 11:00 AM) and the start of the Tiger game, as we previously promoted, the Tigers will have a PLAYER PHOTO DAY on the field where HOME PLATE 2017 attendees as well as others attending the game, can go onto the field and take photos of (not with) players.  Additionally, on the concourse level, there will be a QUESTION/ANSWER TIME WITH AL KALINE, Tiger Great & Hall Of Famer.  This is also open to all HOME PLATE 2017 attendees and those of the general public entering the stadium for the game.

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