The Well Softball Ministry Guidelines

Mission Statement

The Well Softball is a ministry of The Well Church comprising of Men’s, Women’s, and Coed softball teams who seek to engage those inside and outside of the church in recreational fellowship. This ministry is built from the 3DM triangle model: Up – In – Out. We worship God (Up) as a gathered assembly, raising our voices together in prayer, praise, and through the game of softball. The bottom right of the triangle is the In, symbolizing our efforts to go deeper in our personal relationship with fellow believers. The third corner is the Out, our mission in the world. The Well believes everyone is created for a purpose (mission), and that God also placed in us a love for the game, and when we play softball, we feel His pleasure.

The Ministry Commission

The Well Softball Commission is a six member Commission that makes decisions and has voting power in regards to fund distribution and, if needed, player disciplinary action.

Commissioner Responsibilities

  • Commissioners must attend at least four of the 6 annual Commissioner Meetings. If a Commissioner cannot attend in person, it is acceptable to conference call or video chat in, though an in-person presence is preferred. (this requirement does not include impromptu or event planning meetings)
  • Commissioners are required to vote on proposals set by fellow Commissioners. Commissioners must not miss more than two proposal votes per calendar year. The exception to this requirement is in an emergency proposal format.
  • Commissioners are encouraged to author or co-author at least one ministry event per calendar year.
    • Ministry Fundraising – raising money for Ministry operations
    • Service – community events directly benefiting our community and those in need
    • Compassion Fundraising – raise money for a specific person or cause

Becoming a Commissioner

A Manager of a Well Softball Team has the right to become a Commissioner to The Well Softball Commission provided these requirements have taken place:

  • The Manager has demonstrated leadership by managing a Well Softball Team for at least one seasonal year.
  • Manager has to have a unanimous vote of approval by the current standing Commission. Managers not approved have the right for redress the following Commissioners meeting. If still unapproved after second Commissioners vote, the matter is tabled until the January Commissioners Meeting of the following calendar year.
  • The manager accepts all of the listed Commissioner Responsibilities mentioned above.
  • There is a vacancy within the Commission.

Commissioner Dismissal

Commissioners who fail to meet the established responsibilities and requirements of a Ministry Commissioner or their title may be dismissed by the other Commissioners via a unanimous vote following a hearing in which the Commissioner in question may plead their case. Dismissed Commissioners may re-apply to be reinstated after six months.

Voluntary Step Down

Commissioners who wish to step down as a ministry Commissioner may do so with 30 days notice to the Commission of their intentions. Commissioners who voluntarily step down may still manage a Well softball team, but must wait the required six month period before reapplying to become a Commissioner.

Teams and Players

The Well Softball Player

Since its inception, The Well has maintained an “open to all” who wish, the opportunity to come and play. As a Missional Church, The Well looks to model its outreach following Jesus Christ’s example of an open invitation, and not by a requirement. Revelations 3:23 and John 3:16 are invitation verses to respond to Christ. Thus, in keeping in the manner of following Jesus’ example, players are encouraged to become part of The Well if they do not already belong to a Church body; however, it is not a requirement to play.

Player Etiquette

While all are welcome to join a Well softball team, there is a proper etiquette that all players must abide by to remain a player for a Well softball team.

  • Must register as a Well softball player via the The Well Softball ( website each year.
  • Players must be respectful of each other’s struggles and challenges as imperfect human beings.
  • Hold composure and display good attitudes and sportsmanship at all times.
  • Be encouraging of all teammates and opponents.
  • Abide by all league rules and guidelines set by the league Commissioner.
  • Try to be active and involved in at least one of the ministry sponsored events each calendar year.
  • Required to pay the $5.00 Ministry fee each calendar year.

Member Player

Players who call The Well their home church and regularly attend is a Member Player.

Associate Players

An Associate Player who has played for a Well Team in three consecutive seasons without any infractions against The Well Softball’s Player Guidelines and etiquette may be voted in as a Member Player by the Commissioner panel. Commissioners, Team Managers, and Assistant Managers may nominate players to be considered for Associate Player status.

Team Structure

A team representative of The Well Church must have at least half of it’s full time players be “Member Players” or “Associate Players”. Full time is defined by players who have registered and waivered to play on the team before the start of the season, and is available to play in over half of the scheduled league games.

10 player team must have at least 5 member players.

11 player team must have at least 6 member players.

12 player team must have at least 6 member players.

13 player team must have at least 7 member players.

14 player team must have at least 7 member players.

and so on…

Team rosters must be submitted to the Commission by the start of the current softball season. All players, including substitute players, who play for a Well team must complete the league required waivers and be entered into The Well Softball Ministry Player Database.

Team Leadership

Team Manager

As being a manager requires leadership both in the direction of players in the game, and examples of Christ like sportsmanship and personal walk, it will be a requirement that managers of Well Softball Teams, be regular attendees of The Well Church, accountable to the Pastors and Overseers in spiritual discipleship.

  • Responsible for normal day-to-day softball manager duties.
  • Must encourage its players to participate in events outside of softball that serves the community.
  • Encourages participation in  charity softball events.
  • Be enthusiastic about sharing his/her walk with Jesus with believers and nonbelievers.
  • Must be a member player of a Well team and in good standing with The Well Church and The Well Softball Ministry for at least one full season.
  • Attend at least one Commissioners meeting per calendar year.
  • Ensure players know what is expected of them as representatives of The Well and, if needed, discipline players and report infractions to the Commission as needed.
  • Is responsible for making sure that all rostered players receive fair and balanced playing time.
  • Must appoint an assistant manager.
  • Responsible for making sure all players, rostered players and subs, have filled out and submitted the require league waivers and have been entered into The Well Softball Ministry Player Database.
  • Managers may be subject to additional relevant training as deemed necessary by the Commission.

Assistant Manager

Each team is required to have one appointed assistant coach. Assistant coaches must be members of The Well Church who the Commission identifies as fit to eventually lead a team as the team manager.

  • Responsible for assisting the Team Manager in softball team managing tasks.
  • Must encourage it’s players to participate in events outside of softball that serves the community.  
  • Encourages participation in charity softball events.
  • Be enthusiastic about sharing his/her walk with Jesus with believers and nonbelievers.
  • Must be a player of a Well team and in good standing with The Well Church and The Well Softball Ministry
  • Encouraged to attend at least one Commissioners meeting per calendar year.
  • Willing to take over or build a team when directed by the Commission.
  • Assistant managers may be subject to additional relevant training as deemed necessary by the Commission.

The Well Softball Ministry Fund

This fund is set up as a  line item in the Well Church’s account and is under the oversight of The Well Softball Commission.  A proposal must be submitted to the Well Softball Commission prior to the event. Any funds distributed by the Well Softball Commission must have prior approval.  A passed proposal needs a majority vote to pass by the Well Softball commission. Funds will be distributed following the Well church guidelines for payment and reimbursement.


Decisions that impact the Ministry Fund, ministry guidelines, and player/manager disciplinary items require a proposal with a Commission vote. All proposals must be submitted to the Commission in writing using the Ministry Proposal Form. It is the responsibility of the author Commissioner to notify the Proposal Overseer (Commissioner responsible of tracking proposals) of its submission, and which time the Proposal Overseer will begin the 48 hour voting window . All Commissioners are required to place their vote within the 48 hour window. Any Commissioner who fails to cast their vote will have their vote sided with the current majority. A missed vote will count towards the two missed vote limit as stated by Commissioner Responsibilities. Abstaining from voting is unacceptable and will count as a missed vote.

Tied Proposals

In the event that the outcome of a proposal is a tie, the proposal will be tabled until the next Commissioner Meeting at which point there will be a fifteen minute discussion lead by the proposal author. At the end of the discussion a new vote will happen. If the vote still results in a tie, it is up to the proposal author to pull the proposal from consideration or to seek a tie breaking vote from a Church Overseer.

Emergency Proposals

Proposals which require a quicker response may be brought to the Commission’s attention. Voting for these proposals will begin immediately and will end as soon as a majority is raised. These proposals have a 12 hour maximum voting duration, and must be submitted between the hours of 6:00am and 6:00pm. The Proposal Overseer will update the Proposal tracking form and indicate that the proposal was an Emergency Proposal.

Advisers to the Commission

Pastor, Overseer(s), and Well Players may sit in and act as advisers to the Commission. Only the Commission will have voting and allocation of funding powers. 

Changes to Ministry Direction

The Well Softball Ministry Guidelines, Fund guidelines, and Missional Support Guidelines are reviewed annually and proposed changes are voted on by the Commission. Proposed changes must be formally submitted no earlier than January 1 and no later than February 1. All proposed alterations are discussed and voted on during the February Commissioner Meeting and take effect immediately at the completion on the meeting.